The API Combinator

Combine APIs easily in Javascript and create REST/JSON API on the fly.


Integrate APIs in Minutes

All APIs in one Javascript object. You can call them using Webshell API in a simple and consistent way.

//load a Google Maps and display it;

//retrieve json data from Spotify's album
apis.spotify.searchAlbum('plastic beach');

//display the Gravatar of

Authentication made easy

Your user can be authenticated in one line of code. Stop headache with OAuth1, OAuth2 and so on...

//Ask facebook access using OAuth2
apis.facebook.auth().success(function() {
    //When the authentication is done, we retrieve user's data
    return { 
        friends: apis.facebook.getUserFriends({user: 'me'})

Better performance

In your mobile app, bandwidth is precious with 3G. Your script is executed by our servers and parallelize all your API calls in a lazy way. So you make one call to our API to make n call to third party APIs!

A Github for APIs

Create your own APIs using the API Editor. It can be a widget or a REST API wrapper, use them in your apps and share them to the community!